Online / In-Person training

Some examples of standard short courses are below. If you require something more customized then please get in contact. These can be delivered onsite/in-person or via video (e.g. Zoom or MS-Teams):

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

1 Hour – An Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and the impact on Insurance
1 Hour – Blockchain basics keynote

2 Hour – Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

½ Day – Introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

1 Day – Blockchain for Business Masterclass

1 Day – Blockchain Strategy (usually delivered after the Blockchain for Business class)

2 Day – Blockchain for Business Masterclass extended

3 Day – Blockchain in Depth Executive Masterclass

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

1 Hour – An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and how it is being adopted in Insurance

Big Data & Analytics

1 Hour – Big Data and the Importance of Small Data and its relevance to insurance
1 Hour – Big Data & Analytics keynote

Cloud Computing

2 Hour – Introduction to Cloud Computing and AI

Emerging Technologies

1 Day – Introduction to Emerging Technologies

2 Day – Emerging Technology in Depth Executive Masterclass

Finance Professionals

½ Day – Introduction to Agile Finance Leadership

1 Day – The Agile CFO

1 Day – Agile Finance Innovation

2 Day – Advanced Analytics for Finance Professionals

Masterclasses can also be delivered remotely in ½ day sessions, scheduled to run over a series of days.

Industry specific courses can be provided for Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Healthcare, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Regulators, Legal, Supply Chain, Telco and Manufacturing.

Pre-recorded training is available In partnership with Cryptobasecamp and we have developed an online training course available via Udemy.  It covers Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Details here:


Bespoke training courses have been delivered to multiple organisations, either via training partners (see below) or directly.


Education and training partners
Education and training partners