Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are more than just buzzwords.  They provide a fundamentally different way for business, markets and industries to function.  Over 2000 patents have been filed worldwide and several billion dollars have been spent researching and developing platforms for the 21st Century.  This will lead to completely new business models being established that will significantly affect every industry and sector – public, private and third sector.

There is however a lot of hype and mis-information about how blockchains work.  There is often confusion over what a blockchain is and there are many people who think that the Bitcoin Blockchain is “The Blockchain”.

There is also a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) being spread by those who benefit from preventing new technology from disrupting their existing business models.  You’ll see plenty of claims that blockchain is incompatible with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), how the nodes on a blockchain consume more power than Ireland and how blockchains and crypto-currencies are used mainly to support illegal activities.  This is all untrue.

What is needed is for people to be given honest, accurate, unbiased and pragmatic information and to be educated about the benefits (and risks) of adopting blockchain-based platforms.

That is what Distlytics does – providing Education, Consultancy and Advisory Services.


This can be provided to suit your needs and ranges from one hour executive/board briefings through to one day masterclasses and two day workshops.

Board level workshops – Duration: 1 – 2 hrs

Beginning with high level overview of technologies, terms, applications and applicability within client’s industry/sector.  Objective is to better inform C-suite and NEDS about risks, opportunities and strategic consideration.

Initial training –  Duration: 1/2 – 1 Day

Informing and educating attendees about general principles, concepts, architectures and applications of Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology.   Delivered on-site and can be customised to client requirements.  Assumes no prior knowledge.

Feasibility workshops – Duration 1 – 2 Days

Aimed at Senior Managers and Department Heads, these sessions bring attendees up to speed with latest blockchain technologies, examples of industry applications and typical use cases.  The participants are then guided through features  and benefits and are assisted in developing their own high level use cases.  These can then be used by attendees to develop business cases to either explore or implement technology.

Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology is a rapidly developing capability.  Accelerate your companies investigation and adoption by working with people who have the expertise to help you.


A range of consultancy approaches have been used with clients.  Some examples of engagements are shown below.  The key is flexibility as each client and project is unique.

Ad-hoc (retained services)

For some engagements the client has simply needed an extra pair of eyes to review a project to ensure it has been properly thought through and is being executed properly.  This may include attendance at board and team meetings and participation in workshops on an ad-hoc basis.

Investigation/Initiation/kickoff (fixed period)

Helping with the investigation or initiation phase of a project may need several days of on-site work, providing team briefings, running workshops and providing recommendations.

Project Execution

Do you need a resource to act as primary analyst, project manager and general evangelist ?  Perhaps you are looking for someone to kick off an initial project and don’t have the internal resources to dedicate to making the project a success.  If so, we can provide resources to augment your own team for the duration of the project.

Specific services are dependent upon client needs and existing methodologies.  Previous engagements have included:

  • Initial team training
  • Value chain analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Options analysis
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Workshop planing & execution
  • Project filtering & shortlisting
  • Vendor selection
  • Project Management
  • Board papers
  • Post-project review & recommendation

Advisory Services

Are you planning an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Token Generating Event (TGE) ?  We have access to in-depth expertise – technical/development, business strategy, fundraising, marketing and legal to name just a  few.